Agatha Christie said that the best time for her to write a book was whilst doing the dishes. It now turns out that this could be the best time for reading books, too. Well - listening to them at least.

With sales having more than doubled over the last five years, audiobooks are the fastest growing segment of the digital publishing industry.

68% of listeners admit to devouring their novels, biographies and self-help manuals at the same time as doing housework. By turning your smartphone, tablet or any other multimedia device into a portable library, you can consume the greatest works of literature, as well as the latest fad diet book or success manual, while exercising, driving or browsing the supermarket aisles.

The adaptability of mobile technology has give the likes of Audible and Scribd an opportunity to provide platforms that bring an ever-growing array of content to listeners' ears. And with established music streaming services like Spotify and Pandora getting in on the act, there is no shortage of material available for the busy, book-shy beholders of the information generation to feast their ears on.