My generation (yes, I'm a Millennial - sigh, what of it?) typically gets restless in a job around the 2 year mark. Gone are the employees who happily stay doing the same thing for 20 years. We - gasp - like to be challenged, constantly learning new things and growing our skills. 

But, hey, next time you get itchy feet and you think it's time to move on, why not try to make your job and current company work for you instead? 

Imagine the scenario: you've reached a dead end in your current role and you can't move up the rungs unless someone leaves or dies. Or maybe you want a job that doesn't exist at your company. Instead of leaving, work out a way to create this opportunity within your current company. This avoids nerve-wracking interviews, tedious training programs and small talk with your new colleague Barry from IT. 

You could scale the seniority levels with more speed as you are already tried and tested within your company, plus showing initiative and passion for a new project that delivers to the business where they didn't even know they needed it is a golden ticket to healthy remuneration and recognition. 

Still got itchy feet? Contact us at Aspire to find your next opportunity!