Tip: If you can't think of anyone, I'm afraid that means it's you. 

Offices are often stressful environments, which can lead to passive aggressive notes being left in the kitchen, 'kind regards' email sign-offs changing to 'regards' (oh, so cold!) and going insane when the sales team use the same line on the phone 5,429 times a day. 

But as much as offices and their inhabitants can lead you to consider heinous crimes more than is deemed normal (or legal), why not take a step back to think about some of the great things about working in an office?

  • Need to run a wacky idea by someone? Your team will immediately know if it fits in with the brand and voice of your company
  • Stuck? Your manager or team members can help steer you in the right direction 
  • The support of your co-workers can get you through a bad day (even if one of them caused it)
  • Healthy competition can improve your productivity and boost your mood
  • You've always got your office bff on hand if you need a good gossip

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