Big weekend? Yeah, me too! 

The week after St Patrick's day weekend is always a tricky one. Like most holidays it is a time for over indulgence, whatever your vice may be. I have some top tips for you to stay productive and not let the sleep deprivation stop you smashing it at work! 

  • It sounds simple but is in fact very effective: go outside! Go get some air into your lungs. You are yawning so much as your brain is not getting enough oxygen so go outside and fix that issue.

  • Stop drinking coffee. I try to keep to the 'no caffeine after midday' rule. It temporarily masks the real issue and can affect your sleep that night.

  • Try not to eat sugary snacks. Your body will crave sugar more than ever when you are tired and you need a boost of energy. Have slow releasing energy foods such as nuts or high protein snacks. 

  • Water! Hydrate as much as you can. Most water has some form of electrolytes in it, which will keep you balanced and less tired.

  • Lastly, move around! Stand up and stretch; don't sit for too long and make sure you are getting a good amount of circulation around your body. 

Hopefully these tips will stop your eyes from glazing over and will help you keep up the productivity!