Stefano Hatfield says recruiters only look in the same pools for talent, headhunting the same people time and time again, nepotism is rife and the recruitment industry is guilty of CV apartheid. 

Ignorance I can understand but just lift the lid a fraction at London Live where he is Editorial Director and you find, Anthony Baxter (ex BBC), Alex Beard (ex BBC), Alison Earle (ex BBC) and Reya El-Salahi (ex BBC). What was that about fishing in the same pools?  

He is not wrong in suggesting employers are more creative and inclusive of their talent search. But also naïve in thinking that such change is easy or maybe lacks the business acumen to understand the physical and fiscal investment required to effect such change in casting the net so wide. Corporations may be able to invest in such schemes but most employers are time short and seek to recruit people who can make an early contribution. Naturally they prefer people with the competencies, skills and experience the role requires. Probably the reason why London Live seems to be a BBC alumni. It's not employers who are the problem it is an education system that worries more about qualifications and less about employability. Where university Vice Chancellers are paid more than they fund Careers Services. Hatfield makes some valid points and Connect Mentors is a great initiative. 

Let's hope his apparent hypocrisy doesn't undermine his passion for change.