When I tell my kids we used to have to wait a week to watch the next instalment of our favourite series on TV, or having to wait for a bus, because you didn't know if you had missed it (no app counting down the minutes..), because we didn't all have mobiles strapped to our being, I was certainly in their humble opinion "living in the dark ages".

Now I get it, it is hard to imagine a world without mobile phones, or I should say smart phones; however, the inexorable pace of how technology simply makes this happen, makes it understandable that the Gen Y's have high expectations of the world around them, and that includes their job.

So we are well aware that if you don't live up to expectations as an employer, you are just a "swipe away from them going somewhere else"...  

So I guess, rather than display an element of fatigue over entitlement, choice, demands, some might say we need to embrace and collaborate; how can we better understand this generation? After all, they will soon make up 50% of the workforce. How can we use their creativity, allowing them to try different roles in our companies and proving lasting careers - well at least more than current tenure, which most employers believe to be far too short in full time employees. 2-4 years average would be good for me.

So I ask our Gen Y's - tell us what you want, how to do things better and provide seamless positive experiences for our customers and employees, and ensure we are certainly not left in the "dark ages?"