"What made you pick this Nespresso Machine, Linda?"

"Well, it's George Clooney's favourite...."

As a society, we are becoming more interested in validation from experts when buying products. Toothpaste ads now have dental experts talking about whitening, rather than celebrities raving about their toothpaste (while a disclaimer appears at the bottom of the screen about how they've received whitening treatment).

Celebrity culture is losing its influencer mojo. Now it seems we prefer recommendations from experts instead of cheesy, impersonal and quite frankly forced celebrity endorsements.

George Clooney is a great actor amongst other things, but is he really the person you want to consult about your coffee? Does plastering his face all over an ad campaign really make you want to buy the coffee? No, all it's doing really is associating his face with the brand. 

This growing rejection of celebrity endorsements adds more authenticity to ads, and the hunt for genuine authority is somewhat refreshing.