Trusting a brand with money, data, bookings or even loyalty is a risky business these days.  

Brand reputations are being tarnished with the same brush as shady teenage boyfriends and toxic best friends; as consumer heartbreak, anger and distrust ensues (yes, we're looking at you Ryanair.)

However, this concept of "brand trust" is a complex one; take Uber for example. You would think allegations of blatant misogyny and an exposed history of questionable corporate ethics would undermine customer trust - especially with millennials who "value the companies they associate with". Instead, the opposite happened. Petitions were started and TFL felt the wrath of vocal supporters, especially young women, claiming they trust Uber (and their tech) more than London minicabs.

Uber's corporate behaviour should have resulted in brand toxicity. Instead, it pulled communities closer together to back its cause. 

A complex trust issue...and you thought your teenage boyfriend was bad.