I have never been sure whether we should confess to finding recruitment difficult. Naturally, if it was easy then there would not be much need for us recruiters. But I often find myself listening to clients who understandably bemoan the struggles they are having recruiting and the damage the lack of talent is doing to their business, along with the pressure it is placing on client relationships and lost opportunity. 

The irony is that we find it easier to recruit for our clients than for ourselves. Aspire has a great brand, we work in great markets and locations. We pay well, have a well-being programme, all sorts of benefits, accredited training, have won loads of awards, but we also find it hard to recruit the people we need. We are recruiting now in the UK, Singapore and Hong Kong and it's not easy anywhere. So I have every sympathy for our clients - we are in the same boat. 

Of course, if you are in recruitment or want to be a recruiter or work in a market we serve, then don't hesitate to get in contact.