These days, it's far more common to switch jobs every 2 or 3 years, rather than sticking it out for that 20 years' service award. And now a new trend is emerging of not just hopping from one company to another, but changing career direction completely.

According to the statistics, the average person will change career five to seven times during their working life. Now, according to my (very, very) loose maths, that works out to a new career every 5 years or so. Itchy feet? Once you're 100% sure you want to make the leap into something new, it's time to work out the best way to sell yourself as a wildcard candidate. 

No matter the reason you've chosen a new career - your goals are different, or you've recently realised what you really enjoy doing - you need to ensure that if you're taking a side step, you know how to position yourself and your skills. Hey - if Rio Ferdinand can do it, so can you.