There is a steady flow of information regarding how AI will be able to transform, add value, remove human error, learn from humans, and the list goes on... but what will it really mean in practice?

Some of the digital and media markets are already using technology that is learning fast...other industries are in high investment mode. In truth we have little idea how things are going to pan out. Can you with any sense know what job functions there will be when you retire (which is getting further and further away for our generation and those that are entering the workforce today)? Five years ago we couldn't have predicted some of the job functions and titles today!

What might change is how we deliver our solutions to our clients. What will be increasingly relevant will be creativity, making a difference and sensing the opportunities this AI will bring. Companies will want more independent thinkers, creative ideas generators. So...we might as well embrace the new world, even if it seems uncharted territory feels like it could have a negative effect.  

I am sure they will only assist us all to put our customer first and fulfil their needs in new, exciting and more creative ways. I am excited to be challenged from those around me that will undoubtedly learn much more quickly in this new era!