The internet has started to eat itself. Memes are becoming memes - meme-ception, if you will. Gemma Collins is a prime example of this. A meme appears on the internet and suddenly crops many more sub-memes like Medusa. 

And now even the pronunciation of 'meme' is under fire thanks to Collins herself. Referring to them as 'may-mays', she has inadvertently begun another wave of meme creation about meme pronunciation. When will it end?!

This echoes the age old question of 'gif' vs 'jif'. Widely pronounced as 'gif', this file type pronunciation has been sternly touted as 'jif' by industry stalwarts. But how can you define the pronunciation of a term used solely in the silent space that we call the internet? 

How do you pronounce these terms, and can you think of any other internet vernacular that causes fights in the office over pronunciation?