Interesting article by Paul Frampton of Havas. I started my business in April 1992 and less than a month later my second son was born. To be frank I didn't see much of him during the week, working in London and living in Hampshire meant he was asleep when I went to work and asleep when I returned. As was his older brother. No paternal leave in 1992, although for the birth of our first son I took two weeks holiday. Third son was fortunately born just before Christmas so at least I was him for a couple of weeks. Did I miss out? Don't know. As they grew and the business matured I was able to take more time out to be there for the big events and regularly for sport. Now in their early twenties I see them all the time. It's not obvious to me if either the boys or me are at a disadvantage from not spending more time together when they were babies. I think it is my wife who was most disadvantaged as she bore the brunt of the responsibility. But then I have a second family, my colleagues at Aspire, and as the leader I suppose that makes me a father figure. I agree with Paul, leadership and parenting have strong correlations. The need to listen is paramount. My recent 360 showed that I needed to do more listening to help coach people rather than default to just giving solutions. As a parent your child looks to you for answers but much better to ask them what they think. My father always asked me what I thought and when I answered he would respond "do you really think so?" Which turned out to be his code for thinking I was talking rubbish. He was probably right then although this time I hope wrong