There are so many articles, top 10s, do's & dont's all focused on being the best interviewee you can be. 

But what about being the best interviewer? 

We are in a market which is buoyant, open and more progressive than ever. Companies consider a much wider range of skill set, as we become more understanding of "The War for Talent". 

So how are you as an interviewer sharpening your skills to attract the best talent to your business? 

The article below is written by Shel Isreal - a Journalist who has given fantastic insights about conducting great interviews.  Even though he is talking from a journalist perspective, I feel his method is really reflective of how I like to interview.

I've lost count of the amount of people I have met, ready for the standard prefabricated questions they have been answering all day in other interviews. 

What motivates you? What are your biggest accomplishments? If you were a biscuit what sort of biscuit would you be? (yep that's right) 

But what do we really get from these questions? With all the content on the internet these days people literally become masters at being interviewed.

Be open, honest and try to make every one of your interviews different. I love asking questions that open someone up to talk about their true passions and what's really important to them when wanting to join a new company. 

The tips are insightful and will definitely help you stand out from the crowd.