Video (Face Time, Skype, Google Hangouts) is becoming more and more common in the interview process. 

I have increasingly interviewed candidates via video who are based in Spain, Hong Kong, Japan, Australia and New Zealand (to name a few). Experienced recruiters either looking to return to the UK after a few years seeing life on the other side of this planet. Likewise people looking to start a new life in a new country. 

Naturally they would like to have already secured a job prior to taking the plunge across the pond. 

However is video interviewing enough to offer and indeed accept an opportunity? Agreeing to work at a company who's building you have never been to... or indeed bringing on a candidate you have not actually physically met? 

In my opinion it is important to move with the accepted wider consensus. The quality and effectiveness of video calling is improving all the time. You can still get a great idea of body language, excitement and gravitas even virtually.  

We even have an office in Birmingham who register and interview candidates over video. 

Technologies allow companies to engage and communicate with millions of people from one location. Becoming one of the most effective marketing tools of the 21st century. Why not use this same technology to meet and interview people previously out of reach?