When you look around the office do you see people who reflect the values of your company? 

Spending more time understanding the values that drive an individual is vital to getting the right match. 

It's simple, we look for 4 key traits. Accountability, Flexibility, Communication and Performance. Something seen in every single member of our team. 

Why? Because that's exactly the culture we want our people to thrive in. An environment where everyone is on the same page. 

I remember when I first joined Aspire, I thought people were being nice to me because I was new and eventually their "true colours" would come to fruition. To this day the culture has not changed.  

Key to this is reinforcing these values with reward and positive recognition.  

I've lost count of the amount of times I have heard one of the most important reasons someone wants to leave their current job, is because a lack of recognition.

Giving praise and recognition is something second nature in an environment where communication is a core value. 

"More Together" is on our wall and More Together is exactly how we behave.

So do you have an environment where competent arseholes are King? Or are the outstanding nice guys the leaders your people follow?