You're in your final year of university. The end is near. All those sleepless nights in the library are about to hopefully pay off. What is your next move? 

Many choose to apply to graduate programmes throughout the UK. They are a great way of establishing yourself in the world of work.  

Last year, when I was searching for graduate schemes, I was applying for companies that I honestly had not researched. The pressure of walking into a job after uni was a reality. 

Statistically 1 in 4 graduates leave their job in the first year. This could potentially be down to expectations of the role not being the reality. Where grads sold the dream of the scheme, without knowing exactly what the job entails.   

Companies in the UK spend a whopping 900 million on encouraging graduates to join their programmes. It's a brilliant way to attract talent to your organisation and encourage them to stay with your company for many years. 

When looking for your next career move, grad scheme or not, make sure the companies values match with your own. If you are invited to an interview make sure you ask lots of questions, such as career progression and company culture, to build a picture of what it is really like to work there and the opportunities available to you within the company. 

This month we have launched our Aspire Academy, which gives people a chance to train and develop into a full 360 consultant. We have created a bespoke training scheme to make sure our new employees have all the support they need to be successful in their career with us.

 We aren't just looking for grads we want people with previous sales experience and a determination to succeed and kick off their career!