Be more confident! 

It's much easier said than done, we get repeatedly told to be confident and we will do well in life. But how do you be more confident? And if you can't, can you fake it? 

The answer is yes. The 'fake it till you make it' technique can actually work to make you appear a confident person and in doing so you will become one.

Initial impressions are made by body language. Your body language is screaming out how you feel on the inside. If you don't feel confident you will not look it. 

Make a conscious effort to hold yourself tall with your head slightly raised. Making yourself look bigger demonstrates power and like you can handle any situation that comes your way. 

The article suggests pushing yourself outside of your comfort zone shall build your confidence. They suggest techniques such as public speaking to increase confidence. My opinion on this is mixed, as if the attempt at public speaking does not go well it could potentially have the opposite affect on your confidence.   

My suggestion to increase confidence levels as well as "faking it", are positive affirmations. Telling yourself you are something each day,  your subconscious listens and on some level retains it. For example, telling yourself you are brilliant at public speaking each day you will no doubt be somewhat better at public speaking after sometime. 

Belief in your own abilities in my opinion is where true confidence is found.