Following Facebook's annual F8 Developer conference, there were two key announcements that would stand out to fans of React - VR & Fiber.

React VR is pretty much as it suggests - it's based on the highly successful React framework but allows developers to easily add 3D models and combine panoramic 360 environments with 2D UIs, images and text to create fully immersive VR environments and content.

You can find the code on GitHub

React Fiber on the other hand, seems as though Facebook have decided to "do an Angular" with a complete re-write of React from scratch. React Fiber, however, will be fully backwards compatible with existing React applications so shouldn't cause the panic and upset that came with the news of Angular 2.

React fiber will be launched once React 16.0 is released later this year, and is already in use on Facebook which shows confidence in its strength as a production-ready framework.