We are all guilty of being conjoined to some form of technology during our day, breaking out in cold sweats at the thought of no internet connection for a prolonged period of time. 

Like many of us I can still can remember the time of dial up internet and 5 channels on TV. It did us Millennials no harm, did it?  

The Linkster generation who is categorised as anyone born after 2002 has been named so due to their generation supposedly being exposed to technology in some form on a daily bases since birth! 

Linksters have grown up on social media, apps, smart phones and Googling their problems away. It is estimated they make up 18% of the world population. 

Categorising everyone born after 2002 as Linksters is a massive generalisation. Many parts of the world don't have access to clean water let alone technology. Linking names, characteristics and behaviors to generations helps segment the marketplace making it easier to target them. 

Coining people into generational stereotypes will not only excuse behaviours (such as millennials being termed as "precious")  but de-individualizes an entire generation which is just wrong.