We all understand the pain of watching our favourite shows only to have them interrupted by adverts. The TV Network Comedy Central has recognised that this interruption is not only affecting the viewer's experience, but that it's also not beneficial for advertisers if this viewer's annoyance encourages them to do something else during ad breaks, rather than engaging with their ads. 

With this in mind, Comedy Central has launched branded content aiming to create a more seamless transition between programmes and ads. 

The content obviously is still advertising and still disrupts the programmes, however, as it has been made collaboratively with the brand sponsor and Comedy Central, Comedy Central has been able to engineer the content so that it is in keeping with the style of humorous programmes that they know their viewers enjoy watching on their network. 

This type of branded content is a refreshing change for the viewers as it feels like far more genuine content than native advertising. As a result, viewers are far more engaged with the ads, producing greater ad revenue for Comedy Central.

This move to collaborative advertising, where a brand collaborates with the platform they will be advertising on, feels like it will be the way of the future if a brand is to achieve it's true advertising potential. More than ever brands are going to have to consider where their ads are being placed and what content that specific audience would enjoy in order to keep these audiences engaged.