I can completely understand why this might not be a conversation you want to have with your recruiter, or anyone in fact. 

No-one likes to admit they made a mistake, it's human nature. There's also the fear that the recruiter will be annoyed with you or not listen to your frustrations caused by your new role in the hope of keeping you there long enough to claim their fee. 

Now I understand that for every good recruiter there is a slightly shady operator but I can guarantee that I and all my colleagues at Aspire want to know if you're not happy in your new role. 

Why? Because we care about your happiness! 

We want to build lasting relationships with you, and won't let one wrong placement get in the way of that! 

If you're unhappy with your decision, give us a call and we can talk through everything in detail and figure out the next best step for you and work to find your actual dream job!