When I first got into Recruitment I would typically describe my career choice as something I "fell into". Like so many others I would view recruitment and ultimately sales as a job you do when all other options have failed. 

However that is not the case, I made a choice a conscious decision to become a Recruiter! 

The Recruitment industry is a Multi Billion pound marketplace. An exciting, dynamic and ever changing career, where you "change people's lives" literally impacting the trajectory of a companies performance by finding that key hire!

No other industry can you play such an integral role in someone's life for 2 weeks. A coach, a confidant, a buddy, a market expert and someone who delivers on promises all in one. 

In a year where the job market is at an all time high, the war for talent is at it's most fierce in decades. Recruitment is an industry that is an integral part to any business. 

Plus many agencies are great places to work! 33% of the UK's top 100 small companies to work for are recruitment consultancies. And that's not even mentioning the money! 

So, why Recruitment?