Netflix has announced that it's building interactive technology that will allow users to tailor the plots of their favourite programmes to their preferences. While this is an exciting development for every one of us that's been dying to control Piper Chapman’s next move in Litchfield, it's also a fascinating development for content marketing.

Netflix has identified that users prefer personalised content and this is what interactivity will provide for them. More importantly, however, it will provide much higher engagement rates for Netflix. We've all filled in an online quiz and then gone back to change our answers to see what the different outcomes would be, so imagine how many hours users will spend watching the different possible endings! Providing users with the various options will almost ensure they return to view Netflix content again and again - a whole new level of engagement. Netflix will just have to watch that the user experience of the platform isn't hindered by these additional content options to guarantee this increased engagement.

The data from this increased engagement with content, from returning visitors, will also be far more valuable for informing future content strategies. If Netflix can see that the third possible ending is getting the most views, then this will be able to inform the types of programmes they produce in the future, as they have a clear insight into the plots and sentiments of programmes that their users prefer. 

If users can interact with Netflix's content in this way, you can almost guarantee that this level of interactivity will soon be demanded by users from all brands. Instead of running away from this, brands should embrace the possibilities that interactive content will bring to their marketing and brand engagement. A retail brand could allow users to 'try on' different outfits online and mix and match items to create their own look. A charity could create interactive content to show the difference that each donation amount would make to their beneficiaries. A healthy lifestyle brand could show users the effects that different dietary and lifestyle habits would have on their health. The possibilities are endless! Start thinking of interactive ideas, and you can guarantee that you'll stand out from the competition.