Sir James Dyson continues to extol the virtues of being very pro-Brexit, as Dyson reported record £2.5 billion sales last week.

Granted, Dyson is a premium-priced brand so paying extra tariffs may have resulted in some price increases for customers - but if you're paying £700 for a vacuum cleaner, a few extra pounds won't dent your enthusiasm to own one.

As a further example, their innovative new hairdryer was the second most popular item purchased at John Lewis in the run up to Christmas last year.

Whilst they have moved a significant amount of manufacturing to Asia, their investment in a huge new innovation site in Wiltshire is proof that they value R&D in the UK, whilst wholly encouraging foreign students with Mathematics, Science and Engineering backgrounds to study here.

With Article 50 due to be triggered this week, it's good to hear that some organisations are embracing change, rather than fearing the worst.