LinkedIn has revolutionised the Recruitment industry. Acting as a CRM, a Social Media and Enterprise Software platform; LinkedIn offer a complete service for a premium price. 

There is no alternative, if you want to find the best talent, engage with the best companies or find the best opportunities LinkedIn has the Monopoly...Or does it? 

What about the competition? 

Angel List, Beyond, Visual CV, Zerply, Meetup, heard of those? All offer a unique and very interesting way of finding great opportunities and engaging with like minded professionals. 

The advantage LinkedIn has is the fact they were first! Over 460 Million users AND COUNTING, registering 2 new members per second and boasting 106 Million unique visits per week! 

There is no denying that LinkedIn is a Juggernaut of a platform, but for how long can this last? History tells that there is a tipping point where the new kids on the block start overtaking the old guard. 

LinkedIn does however keep evolving, they have the data, the money and the brand (that's hotels on Parklane and Mayfair PLUS all the Stations!) Now with the integration of Microsoft technology (remember when they were the guys wearing the Top Hat?) 

Time will only tell how they will continue to set the pace.