As we witness the insurgence of artificial intelligence becoming vital to the business decision making process. The question inevitably turns to how will this transform industries such as Recruitment? 

As a recruiter, I have always believed that the human element in what we do (speaking to candidates, reading body language, rapport and empathy) can never be replaced. 

However Mya comes close. 

An inbox full of perspective candidates, is always positive. However, sifting through and finding relevant CV's is a time-consuming process. A process accepted as part of the due diligence needed to be a specialist recruiter.

CVs are after all data, they have key words and qualifiers and a program can identify how relevant this is to a job spec. Artificial intelligence (in this case Mya) is taking this one step further; actually engaging with candidates to qualify their expertise. Mya can respond to multiple applicants at a time, pose contextual questions and provide feedback!!!

This is groundbreaking, however Mya will always have a flaw. A computer will operate within the parameters of its program. That being said don’t underestimate what a computer can learn to do.

Designed by a datascientist (who might just be the marketers of the future) .

Having spent 32 years with humans, 10 of those years selling to them. There are multiple times I have had to look beyond the scope, beyond the CV to truly understand who I am dealing with. Multiple times after a client has told me the candidate's CV is not suitable, I've picked up the phone, fought their corner and guess who ended up getting the job? 

That is just one example of why it is dangerous letting machines do the tasks, which require conscious thought, a gut feeling, an intuitive understanding of what it means to be the right candidate for the job!