Building trust and relationships are key in any walk of life, through your education, professional, and of course personal life. We all remember that teacher who we "bonded with" and thus out performed in the subject in full time education.

This is an interesting article that states psychologists believe people size you up in a matter of seconds, and what they are thinking is a, can I trust this persona and b, can I respect them, or in their terms, they are judging "warmth" and "competency".

So let's think of this in terms of your professional life, an interview, a business meeting, a new boss or colleague in your life... What would be the benefits of working on demonstrating that warmth and competency straight off...

A recent survey by Aspire, found that the most important attributes, clients look for in their employees was "I can depend on them to deliver", so it isn't just talk from well educated psychologists, they have got it spot on - potential employers are looking to see if they can trust (the warmth factor) and have you got the competency to do the job (depend on you to deliver).

So think about how you build relationships, interact naturally and illustrate how you have demonstrated the competencies the client is looking for and hopefully you will "size up" positively and secure the next role in your professional life!