"Leaders don't create followers, they create more leaders."   Tom Peters  

One of my favorite leadership quotes of all time. A true leader should motivate those around them and empower them to aspire to more. True leaders create more leaders through support, training and mentoring. 

The great leaders of history, whether it be military strategists, spiritual leaders or dictators all have something in common, followers. Whether it is through fear, spiritual enlightenment or the promise of a better life, they were able to gather momentum and make plans a reality through sharing their vision. 

The most important quality I believe to be enthusiastic. Leadership to me is about energy and energising your workforce. If your exuding positive energy and enthusiasm it shall translate to your team and improve performance.   

What makes a good leader? good question, or should we rather be asking, What type of leader would you like to be? Authoritarian, Autocratic, Authentic? Whatever leader you wish to be these 8 qualities will help you grow into a great leader.