The impatient, self-gratifying millennial generation have had a bad reputation in the business world for many years. But what advice can you give a generation who think they know it all..or else google will.    

As a millennial I personally find any life changing article or advice column brilliantly helpful for about 30 minutes, until I have completely forgotten what was in them (classic millennial). 

The tips that really resonate with me are, Tip 6, 'Fake it till you make it'. I really find this piece of advice very useful as exuding confidence at work will not only show that you are comfortable in your surroundings but also that you know what you're talking about and someone that others can turn to when needing help. 

Tip 8, "Being generous with yourself", this does not mean buying yourself everything on your amazon wish list, but little things. Taking time for yourself after a working day. Tips such as planning to come home to a clean house giving you more time to relax and switch off. 

What advice can we take that will stick? I find with these career tips you must find the ones that really resonate with you and try and implement in your daily working life. What tips do you like most?