Mind the Gap...Little did I know it is a metaphor for life in London. 

Moving to London a month ago I thought I had it sussed, I had visited multiple times, I even had my own registered oyster card.  3 days in and I was pushing my way past the tourists in Piccadilly Circus like a true Londoner. As a Northern Irish expat I wish I was told 4 things before I moved. 

1. House interviews are normal, viewing a room and liking it doesn't necessarily mean it's yours. An interview to assess if you are normal shall most likely follow. 

2. Don't listen to Google Maps, each journey I would make I would google which tube and route would be the best option, this never went smoothly. City mapper App is the way to go, tells you all modes of transport to your desired destination and timing. 

3. Stop asking if somewhere takes card. Everywhere in London takes card or has Apple Pay. Stop asking everyone around you and the shop assistants.  

4. Coffee = Petrol. Late nights and early starts, adrenaline can only get you so far. A cup of Joe in the morning is now the only method of resuscitation. 

London is the most exciting city in the world if you let it be, you have to embrace everything, visit everywhere and appreciate every minute of it.