I have read thousands of CVs, literally thousands, in my time and I have seen countless rookie mistakes that could potentially put your job search at risk. Below are three simple ways to make your CV the best it can be! 

  • Simplicity is key. A succinct blurb/ your employment history - details where you/ have worked and what you do/did for them and then the miscellaneous items such as hobbies and education. Obviously you want to make your CV stand out but don't lose your experience to design. 
  • NUMBERS, NUMBERS, NUMBERS! I really cannot stress this enough to my candidates, friends family or anyone looking for a job. If you work in a role with KPIs or you're able to quantify your successes with stats and figures, make sure you include them! 
  • Put your experience first! A prospective employer doesn't want to wait until the 2nd page to find out what you do. Put your most recent experience at the top and then descend through your roles. Your job 5 years ago is not as important as your job now. 

Employ these three simple techniques and watch your profile soar!