MKTG, Strawberry Energy and Cancer Research UK have launched very smart benches.

If you were strolling through Islington this weekend, you may have come across some unusual looking benches. To coincide with World Cancer Day on 4th Feb, Islington launched London's first 'smart benches'. 

Run on solar power, these benches will allow you to charge your phone, whilst using the free wifi, meaning that if your phone dies on the way to meet a friend, it won't be a disaster! Providing you're meeting that friend in Islington...

However, more interesting, I think, is the partnership that resulted in these benches. MKTG collaborated with Strawberry Energy UK and Cancer Research UK to produce a bench that not only charges your phone, but also allows you to make a contactless £2 donation to CRUK and that has built-in sensors to monitor the air quality in the borough. MKTG is a specialist experiential marketing agency that has created unique campaigns for brands such as, Smirnoff and BULGARI, so could their participation in a project like this be to show their clients and potential employees that they also support causes that benefit the world? 

The idea of corporate responsibility is continuously growing and becoming embedded in the strategic plans for many brands. Why wouldn't it when a project, such as these smart benches, supports a brilliant cause, highlights environmental concerns and demonstrates to future clients, the innovative thinking of marketing agencies like MKTG? By partaking in this one project, MKTG have helped important causes and built a socially responsible reputation with both clients and employees, allowing them to attract new business and the best socially conscious talent. Win win.