Since rejoining Aspire as the Internal Recruiter I have conducted many interviews. Be it experienced Recruiters, budding sales professionals or lost souls wanting to Transform their careers; I have met them all. 

The first thing that helps me identify a candidate I am excited about is how they have prepared for the interview. 

Have they done their research? Are they inquisitive about us? Do they have specific questions based on what they actually want to know? 

Sounds simple right? 

Its amazing how many candidates fail to realise the value of preparation. Showing that you have done research shows hiring managers that you actually care about where you want to make your next move and not that you have just "come along to see what we're about!"

Focusing on doing the right research, building rapport with the interviewer, trying to understand what the hiring manager is looking for, being direct, answering truthfully and asking relevant questions will give yourself the best chance of acing the interview.