Researchers combined data on a number of factors, including IQ score, general grades, tests, and personalty assessments and reviewed how each factor predicted future earnings deemed as the "success" in this study. 

It turns out only 1 or 2% of future success was based on IQ scores.  The conclusion was unsurprisingly that character traits, such as conscientiousness, openness and perseverance were much higher factors determining a person's success in the workplace.   

So next time you think, am I smart enough to do this job?, you should think differently.

Instead be thinking what are the traits this employer is looking for in this job, often referred to as "softer" skills, and emotional intelligence, and when have I displayed them, what can I do to evidence this? 

Plus we can all work on our development of personal skills, effective output and relationship building, but we can't all drive up our IQ score, so there is hope for us all!