In previous posts I've discussed my place in the millennial generation and the solid hold my mobile phone has over my life so it may come as a surprise to you all that I am actually a bit of a social media novice - I've literally only got on the Snapchat train in the last two months - I know! What have I been doing with my life until now?!

Having said this, despite only being a passive social media user - the occasional Instagram post (mainly for the filters) and a Facebook post so rare that it even the Planet Earth crew couldn't find it - I am a social-commerce addict! 

I am a total sucker for a paid-for ad, a sponsored post and absolutely a branded Snapchat filter! 

If I don't buy through them then, I end up investigating the brand and somehow still end up parting with my cash and this is never truer than during the Christmas period. More and more retailers are investing in paid social and it is absolutely the right way to go - just look at the  billions made over the Black Friday/ Cyber Monday weekend!