I meet a lot of recruiters and am amazed at how many state they do not want a "KPI" culture. I feel I need to clarify a few things. 

Firstly KPI's are Key to every business that has a  a vision for their staff. Secondly as a sales/ recruitment professional key performance indicators help you understand what is needed to succeed. 

There is a common misconception that a "KPI driven" business is a Boiler Room, dark ages sales model, where people are treated as numbers on a spreadsheet. 

The reality is that every successful team uses data in this modern era. KPI's help managers identify key areas for improvement and employees understand how they can grow and improve performance. But are ultimately exactly what is needed to make more sales! 

As explained in the article, Global brands such as Intel and Google break down their long term goals to measurable (i smell a KPI coming) results to help the whole business understand what is important for them to achieve results.