Out-of-home (OOH) campaigns are an old faithful of the marketing world, allowing brands to reach a high volume of potential consumers and an incredibly varied cross-section of people.  

I sit squarely within the millennial generation and for better or worse I am attached to my phone. In addition to the usual uses of my phone - camera, social media, video-on-demand, oh and making phone calls - I love being able to google things of interest at the drop of a hat. Especially interesting brands! It's no surprise then that brands are seeing an uplift in mobile engagement with their brand when they run a successful OOH campaign. 

Part of the reason targeted campaigns such as the likes of programmatic and paid media are increasingly popular for brands is that they offer a clear ROI, so it is great that we are now able to see that great big above the line campaigns can also be proven to be directly successful and are able to overcome some of the hurdles it's more digital compatriots face, such as ad-blocking. 

Long live the billboard!