'I just have no time to fit that in.' We've all said it. But how many of us have actually thought about the time in our day that is 'wasted'?

Your daily commute is the perfect example. However you travel there are apps to make your commute so much more productive. 

Apps such as Wunderlist, Evernote or Dragon Dictation help you to create your to-do list for the day. If you're someone that responds well to setting personal and professional goals, then coach.me is the app for you. Duolingo could have you learning a new language every morning while you wait for that delayed train. Or if you'd rather just relax, why not download podcasts on your way in to learn something new each morning.

Whatever you decide to do, don't become yet another person with 'no time' to reach their goals. Manage your time between daily activities and make them work for you.