Now, be honest, how valued do you really feel in your current firm?  OK, it's a rather loaded question, open to interpretation depending on, no doubt, several mitigating factors.

However, having read a recent piece in Legal Week about the demands young lawyers are placing on their employers, it got me thinking if there were parallels with the IP profession in the UK?

For example, one of the most common motivators about moving jobs I hear about surrounds flexible working.

 "Will private practice X allow me to work from home, compared to law firm Y?" 

"Can I commute to London only once or twice a week?"

"Will I be passed over for career progression if I'm not in the office every day?"

Flexible hours and home working has been an upward trend for some time.  But, with the war for talent in the IP sector raging fiercely, can employers genuinely offer the flexible infrastructure so many attorneys are currently demanding?