The growth of influencer marketing has excelled at an incredible pace over the last few years. Big brands have been quick to understand the power and value of the authentic voice of an influencer and so have embedded the use of influencers within their marketing strategies.

However, we are now starting to see a shift in power between influencers and brands. Previously, rising influencers had the primary goal of establishing themselves by working with any brand that would grant them the largest exposure and fee. However as these influencers have become known, establishing longevity and authenticity has now become their top priority. The result is that influencers are no longer willing to work with just any brand. They want to be sure of the quality of the product or service they're promoting. They need to first ensure that by promoting a brand they won't be harming their own personal brand.

Brands will now have to appeal to influencers in different ways. It will no longer be sufficient to offer a large pay cheque. Whilst this may also be necessary, influencers will want to understand how working with a brand will be relevant to their audiences and how it will continue to develop their personal brand.