As Twitter revenue growth hits its lowest level since 2013, it begs the question; how much longer will Twitter be around?

With Twitter failing to attract enough advertisers as larger portions of social budgets are being spent across other platforms, primarily Facebook, Instagram and Snapchat it is becoming apparent that Twitter need to make some drastic changes if they want to remain competitive.

Twitter need to be considering the advertising solutions that they bring to the market. Twitter have said they will do this by delivering the following: 

1.    Building a rich canvas for marketers

2.    Driving increased ROI with improved measurement, bidding and relevance

3.    Increasing scale by leveraging Twitter’s unique total audience.

With lots of suggestions being thrown around about solutions to the company's stunted growth, is the answer in one of the above, live streaming ads or something completely different?

I personally can't stand Twitter and have never been a fan (I say as tweeting this article - hypocritical!) It's not a platform that I consider to be user friendly.   Its premise of short, real-time updates results in far too many tweets to read, meaning I miss the majority of messages displayed.   My conversion and impression rate must be extremely low in comparison to FB or Instagram.