I wrote a blog a couple of years ago extolling the virtues of candidates who opted to use just one recruiter for their respective job search, and the associated benefits of building a long-term relationship. 

The IP market remains very competitive, as there are seemingly more jobs available that candidates.  The demand for IP talent is currently high, and I've seen roles be 'created' for lateral hires, to ensure the right person is secured by a firm.

The game has changed, and it's less and less about sending a CV first just to claim 'ownership'. What a horrid term that is.  As a candidate, I wouldn't want to feel owned by any agency!

Candidates have a choice of course.  Call me old fashioned, but I don't think anything can really replace making time to meet and discuss your job search requirements properly. Only that way can you be sure you're being pitched to the right companies correctly.

A good recruiter will make the time to open doors that you might have thought were previously shut. Trust works both ways of course, so ask yourself this; Have you really got the time to register with half a dozen agencies scrapping over the same roles?

One meeting could really make the world of difference to your career.