Some days I feel like a slave to my email, yes it's instant, generates an audit trail, reminds us of what we need to, although as a planning tool it sucks.  

One of the problems is we have all adopted bad behaviours, and by this I don't just mean tone and length, too often it is used as only form of internal comms in an organisation.  So I guess the abundance of smart phones and desire to communicate in a more free fashion is driving this uptake of social media for internal and external comms.  We are certainly seeing the adoption with our candidates, who are also driving this change, using Skypee, Whatapp, instant Messenger to help them organise their job search and get to communicate with their consultant instantly. The lines between work and social are increasingly blurring..

I for one would welcome 50% less email..even if I have to get my head around how to manage social and work on different platforms, which I do. I have a Skype meeting in 20 mins, arranged via WhatsApp, following an email!  

*BTW my social "inbox" isn't quite so busy!

The challenges of audit trials and CRM integration is another matter!