England fans aren't the only ones that will be glad to see the back of Euro 2016. The age old battle of Nike vs Adidas in the football advertising world was prominent at the Euros with the two global giants at loggerheads in an attempt to create the most successful TV ad. 

Adidas chose to sponsor the tournament whereas Nike didn't. Therefore you would naturally assume that this would give Adidas the upper hand. Wrong. Nike's 'The Switch' advert racked up a huge 50m YouTube views while Adidas' 'Paul Pogba: First never follows' only amassed 300k views. Nike's advert was also the most shared video and Adidas didn't even break into the top 10. 

At 6 minutes long, 'The Switch' manages to tell a story which is far more compelling for the brain. Adidas' ad only lasts 1 minute and doesn't have the same narrative effect.

Product placement or in this case 'star placement' highlights the level in class difference between Pogba (Adidas) and Ronaldo (Nike) and the power of the two as brands.

Nike adverts have always had a huge impact on its audience. I remember being 14 and at school (this'll make some feel very old) when they released the 'Ole' advert ahead of Euro 2004 and what an advert it was! 

According to Adweek, Nike and partner agency Wieden + Kennedy have created 7 of the 10 most successful football commercials ever made. Adidas only feature one ad in that list.