The success of Pokemon Go in recent weeks has well and truly put augmented reality on the digital map and at the forefront of industry thinkers minds. With more android downloads than Tinder (who'd have thought people in their 20s and 30s are more interested in catching Squirtle than getting laid) and almost as many daily users as Twitter, it is clear to see that AR has a huge market. 

AR is not a new technology but it has become more popular over the recent 12 months; everybody has an irritating friend that posts Snapchat pictures of themselves with dog features. That said, it is Pokemon Go that has really sparked the craze of blending virtual elements with the physical world.  

Any forward thinking entrepreneur within the mobile development space must surely be thinking about what could be the next obsession. Who can replicate the success that Niantic have had?

Which begs the question, what childhood favorite would you like to see become the next hit? Harry Potter? Mario Karts (maybe not a great idea!)?