Consumer research encompasses a wide range of topics, fundamental to understanding buying behaviours, from basic psychology, purchasing decisions, human nature, opinions, attitudes, needs, motivations, preferences and so on.

As consumers in the digital age, we are constantly bombarded with advertising and we seldom realise how susceptible we can be to Marketing and the effect it has on our Psyche. A study led by Dr Paul Connell and almost 200 participants is testament to this. For those of you who remember Tony the Tiger and his 'Grrrrrreat' Frosties, you would hardly believe that the fictional orange character consisting of pixels and a voiceover could have an influence on our opinion of the popular product that was in many of our kitchen cupboards. It appears we've been duped by Tony and his team. Is it really possible to believe a sugary, nutritionally defunct cereal can be deemed healthy and trustworthy based on the emotional connection we have with a cartoon?

Heather Saul, of The Independent writes more below.