The demands of an organisation's customers and audiences have never been higher and this is even true for the social content that brands produce.

It is no longer the case that a social media campaign can be rolled out globally, as audiences expect content to be tailored specifically for them. The brands that manage to tailor social content by country, and in some cases even region, are the ones that build a solid relationship and brand loyalty with their audience. Having an awareness of different cultures and events in the regions that your organisation operates in, will have a significant impact on your ability to produce engaging social content.

At Aspire, we currently have offices in London, Hong Kong and Singapore. In order to engage all audiences, we have ensured that social media campaigns are run locally. A central marketing strategy is still key to success, however having this local awareness allows us to engage with our different audiences and tailor content for them. So whether we are saying 'Happy Easter' to our audiences in London, or 'Happy New Year' for Chinese New Year in Singapore and Hong Kong, this tailored content continues to help strengthen our relationship with our followers.